Why Sponsors and Community Partners Love TLA!

"You have really made the experience for all of the guys in the program. The general feedback that I have gotten about the camp is that is fun and it definitely made all of them want to consider college more. They stated that everyone is willing to work with them and everyone helped with making them feel welcome. It was good to get them around normal kids and for them to see you don’t have to act a certain way to fit in."  ~A. Charles, Family Services Counselor, Daniel Kids

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"I'm very impressed with what you are doing with the teens in this program.  I can tell a big difference from the first time I visited the students to now.  I've seen many organizations that don't do what they say they will deliver; but you have delivered what you told me this program was about.  Keep up the good work"  ~J. Kazmierski, Community Relations, JAXPORT

"You have a wonderful summer camp and you and your team do an outstanding job!!! I sat in last week and was very impressed with your team and the students!!"  ~B. Jones, Community Resource Supervisor, Family Support Services, FSS (Department of Children & Families)

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"AT&T is proud to support Teen Leaders of America because we understand the impact TLA has on young people in our community who are transitioning from high school to college.”  ~H. Duncan, AT&T

Why Students Love TLA!

"Thank you for starting this Mentoring program at my school.  It really helped me get through all my problems and it was really fun going on all the field trips, having fun playing games and doing things I never thought I would do.  All the activities here are really fun and the Mentors are really awesome.  I hope this program can be here forever.  It's been great being here and I wish I never had to leave."  ~M. Malpress, 5th Grade Mentee, S.P. Livingston Elementary School

"What I liked about my experience is that my Mentor helped motivate me in sports and school - and he helped me to set short term and long term goals." ~N. Sampson, 6th Grade Mentee, Eugene Butler Middle School

"We are excited to have summer jobs where we can work and earn money for back-to-school expenses.  This helps our parents out alot!" ~2015 Youth Employment Program Students

Why Parents Love TLA!

"Laterrius enjoyed his job this summer.  This is a line of work he would like to continue with as employment thru high school and college.  It was a great opportunity for him.  Thank you to your organization and its affiliates."  ~K. Mosley, TLA Parent

"I love seeing how the Male Counselors at Teen Leaders embrace my son every day when I drop him to camp."  ~K. Cason, TLA Parent

"Parents are looking for something positive for their teens to do over the summer; programs that will teach them something and keep them out of trouble.  Teen Leaders is doing an excellent job with that."  ~TLA Parent, R. Fullwood

The teenage years can get complicated and very stressful, so your organization is vital to redirecting their mentality and effort towards a successful future. You guys are doing an amazing job.  I thank God for you and all of the work you are doing with our youth.  ~V. Blackshear, TLA Parent