Why TLA Was Created

The founders of Teen Leaders of America(TLA) are Saqirah Redmond and Marcia Brown. Saqirah and Marcia are college-educated women with over 20 years of combined experience developing and conducting programs for youth organizations. Their main focus has been helping students get into college and gain the skills necessary to succeed in the real world.

While working with students they noted several observations: parents and students are stressed with the college admissions process; students tend to make uneducated decisions when choosing majors and as a result waste time and money changing majors; many students with high grade point averages and high test scores are not prepared for the demands of college. This lack of preparation is linked to the increasing college dropout rate that is receiving strong attention from our President, school officials, students and parents. As a result, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Redmond decided to invest their years of experience and passion for helping students succeed into a youth leadership company that will help students prepare for the demands of college and the real world.

Teen Club
College Prep and Workforce Development
This program runs from September-April.  This program prepares high school students for the college admission process; as well as important skills for workforce, leadership and development throughout their academic career.  It also provides teens the opportunity to obtain community service hours and participate in social activities.

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Summer Leadership
The Summer Leadership Experience offers important experiences so that graduates may plan their career, visit college campuses and learn leadership and development skills.

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Why is College Important?

"Going to college would mean very much to me. My parents worked very hard to give me a life that was better than theirs. Because of this, I feel obligated to pay them back by working hard in school to become successful. I plan to have a good future, a life that is better than the one my parents had. This is why going to college and staying in college is very important to me."
      - J. Porter, What College Means to Me

"With college come many lessons to learn.  During the time I am in college, I plan to enjoy my freedom as an independent person.  I think college will prepare me for life as an adult.  It will prove to me that the only person I should depend on is me.  College will show me responsibility and time management.  One necessity of life is the ability to manage your time.  In the real world, you will have to attend certain meetings or functions that may cost you your job if you are not on time.  College shows you responsibility by giving you tasks that need to be done.  If they are not done, you may flunkout!"
      - R. Quashie, Jr. - What College Means to Me