Helping Students Stand Out From 1000's of Applicants

On the average, a college admission officer may receive over 3,000  applicants. Many applicants will have focused on obtaining high grade point averages and SAT scores. This is becoming the norm. However, studies show that colleges and universities are looking for more than the norm. They are looking for students with exceptional leadership skills. Through our leadership training and community service activities, TLA students will develop the skills admissions officers’ desire.

Obtain college survival skills!
“Of 2,654 colleges and universities surveyed nationwide, statistics state that one out of every four students will drop out of school by their second year.” Surviving college can be challenging. At TLA, we give you the insight on what to expect when going off to college. You will go on campus visits to get an idea of what college life is like. Also, TLA summer camp counselors are seasoned college students who assist in conducting exciting workshops and share their experiences with you.

Explore careers that interest you (before going to college)!
“Picture yourself in a room with nine other college students. Before you graduate, at least six of those students will have changed their major at least once. And one or two of the remaining four will likely leave school regretting the major they chose and wishing they too had switched to another major.” (monsterTrak) As a TLA student, you will take field trips to various companies to explore careers. You will meet and hear from professionals who will visit and speak on the demands and qualifications of various careers. Our goal is to help you explore careers that may interest you – before you go to college.

You will have fun too! You will enjoy the team activities, field trips, overnight campus visits and parties!!

We believe that all work and no play can get boring! Our program is designed so that all workshops are interactive. We also provide fun social activities such as parties and outings.

Prepare Your Student for the Demands of College
Parents concentrate heavily on their child “getting in” to a college or university. At TLA, we know that parents want their children to not only get into college but to graduate. Unfortunately, studies show that one out of every four students will drop out of college by there second year.  Therefore, our goal at TLA is to help students get to college and graduate! Our college preparation program teaches students time management, conflict resolution, organization, personal finance and other skills required to survive their college years.
Reduce the stress associated with the admission process!
The staff at TLA understands that the college admissions process can be stressful. We work to reduce the stress of the admissions process by assisting students with entrance interviews, essays, scholarship searches, letters of recommendations and college searches.

In public schools, the average student to high school counselor ratio is 300:1!
Guidance counselors have so many students to manage and must deal with issues ranging from violence to student dropouts. We give the students the one-on-one assistance they need to help them develop the leadership skills and life skills needed to get into college, graduate and find rewarding careers.
Eliminate unnecessary college expenses.
Save money when students choose majors they are knowledgeable of!
Based on the national average, each student will change his/her major 5 to 7 times. Many students choose majors they have not carefully thought out or researched. Changing majors extends their years in college and increases the dollars spent on tuition, books, housing and other related expenses. Our college exploration program helps students to explore various careers they may be interested in before choosing a major.